Our Elders

Adam Joseph

I have been a member at Wheeler Road for over 20 years and was selected as an elder in 2017.  I grew up about an hour north of Midland, and have been a lifelong resident of Michigan. I came to Midland to work at Dow Chemical and be closer to my family. I started attending Wheeler Road for two reasons.  One, I was raised attending a church of Christ and it was a fellowship I wanted to continue in. Two, my wife (fiancee at the time) was attending WRCC, so it was natural for us to continue worshipping here. Those are the reasons why I started at Wheeler Road, but the reason why I remain at WRCC is that the people have become my family.

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Mark Wanous

I have been a member at Wheeler Road since 1989 and became an Elder in 2017. I enjoy teaching Sunday school, serving as a handy-man, and helping equip members for acts of service. My spiritual journey started as the son of a farmer where I submitted to God’s cultivation and discipline as a young man. God’s providence brought me to Midland where I met and married Diane in 1991, and together we’ve done our best work raising four children who have come to love and respect God. 

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Loran Brown

My family became a part the Wheeler Road church family around 1992. I have been a designated elder (“shepherd”) of the Wheeler Road church since 2013. I am a sinner (someone who has behaved as an enemy of God), who now stands reconciled to God the Father through faith in the sacrificial blood of His Son Jesus Christ. I desire to lend life to the Vision Statement of our church family, grounded in the Scripture (the Holy Bible) given by God for our understanding, while extending His kindness expressed through Jesus Christ to sinners like me.

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Lee Dresden

 In 1986, I moved to Midland, married my wife Ruby, accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior and was baptized. We became members of WRCC. Ruby and I have been blessed with two sons, now adults and married. During our time at WRCC we have been blessed in many ways and have been involved in many church functions, including young adult bible studies, mission trips and small groups, to name a few. I have been an Elder since 2010, after being asked to serve by the congregation. My hope is that I have served God and the congregation well these twelve plus years and that I will continue to serve well in that capacity. While there are many characteristics to consider in our Christian walk, for me James 2:17 (“…faith by itself, if not accompanied by actions is dead”) has always been at the forefront of those characteristics – whether going on mission trips, serving those in need, helping members, or working at the church building. With God blessing our fellowship with an increase in new attendance and a renewed vision, I am hopeful and excited for the future of the WRCC congregation. 

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