Installation Of New Elders

This Sunday we are installing new elders to our leadership team. We will look at the pattern of Acts 14 and how the first century church added shepherds. Establishing leadership is critical to the life of the local church. This Sunday we install and celebrate what God honors.

Contentment Crisis

Ever notice that unhappy people often have unhappy children, or that critical parents often have critical children, negative churches often reproduce negative members? Coincidence? What does the Bible teach about happiness, contentment, and simple satisfaction of life? This Sunday we begin a series, Contentment Crisis, a study on how our personal contentment impacts those around us.

iCare, II : Caring For One Another

In our second edition of iCare, we will examine the word connect. We want to be a God-honoring church, but we are busy, buried, and bound. Technology was supposed to make life easier, but it has also brought new challenges that affect us spiritually. Jesus used one practice that pictured the connectivity we all crave.

Is The Eclipse A Sign From God?

This Sunday, Is The Eclipse A Sign From God? With the eclipse around the corner there is clatter about this event signaling doomsday. We will look at what the Scriptures say about signs and whether or not there is any connection between prophecy and what happens on August 21st. 

I Care

The New Testament provides glimpses of how a Spirit-filled church cared for one another. This Sunday we will begin a series, I Care, a study series on caring for one another, caring for loved ones, and caring for self.

Where Wrath And Mercy Meet

David makes an ill-fated decision in I Chronicles 21 that cost the lives of 70,000 men. His pride has gotten the better of him. This Sunday, Where Wrath And Mercy Meet, a message that has direct implications on our relationship with God today

Rewards And Recognition

John the Baptist never did the spectaculat. He never did a miracle or healed anyone, and he wasn't exactly winsome. And yet, John's ministry reveqls three critical principles every believer must embrace in serving Jesus. This Sunday, Rewards And Recognition.


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