West Coast Churches: Sardis

This Sunday’s sermon is all about the church at Sardis (Revelation 3). 

Jesus performs an autopsy on a church that neither persecuted or had false doctrine, but nonetheless dying. 

As we look at this church, we will address the question, Why do churches die?” 






West Coast Churches: Thyatira

We continue our series on We Need A Revelation by examining the church at Thyatira

Whereas Ephesus had the doctrine down but lacked the love, Thyatira had the love but lacked the doctrine. 

We can engage the world without embracing her view of tolerance.  Jesus was extremely harsh with this church because His honor and their future were at stake.  




Ricardo Maia: Update on the Work in Brazil

West Coach Churches: Pergamum

Is there such a thing as spiritual flirting

As we examine the third of the West Coach Churches: Pergamum, it becomes clear that some in that church were being tolerant of practices offensive to Jesus. 

James 4 refers to this as cheating on God. 

Flirting can damage marital relationships and spiritual flirting can destroy the witness of a church. 




West Coast Churches: Smyrna

We are on to the second of the West Coast Churches:  Smyrna

Placing “membership” with a local congregation follows a pattern of interviews and possibly signing some forms. 

There was no such practice in the first century church. 

You made a public confession of the Lordship of Jesus and that confession was challenged over and again by the culture. 

Smyrna suffered greatly because of her loyalty to Christ, and she set the example for faithfulness.  


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