Encounters With Jesus: The Woman Who Touched Jesus’ Garment

One of the strangest healings in the Gospels is the woman who touched the garment of Jesus’ garment. 

This Sunday we continue our study in Encounters With Jesus

A desperate woman took an enormous risk in clinging to the cloak of the Savior. 

As we study this story in Mark 5, we ask, “Why is this in here?” And, “What’s in here for me?”








Encounters With Jesus: The Good Samaritan

The law expert was only seeking clarification on his understanding of the Law when he asked Jesus a question about who was his neighbor.

Jesus, in this Encounter responded with one of the most popular stories of the New Testament, The Good Samaritan.

How does this story touch our lives today?






Encounters With Jesus: John The Baptist

When John The Baptist encountered Jesus, the whole issue of repentance in the plan of salvation became center stage. 

This Sunday in our Encountering Jesus series we will address why the people had to go to John in the wilderness for baptism rather than make it convenient for them in town. 

John is a reminder of the role of repentance in our walk with Christ.






Encounters With Jesus: The Rich Man & Lazarus

Most people reading Luke 16 about the Rich Man & Lazarus assume the text is about heaven and hell. 

As we continue our series Encounters With Jesus, we will deal with a text that points the reader in an entirely different direction.

Jesus wasn’t talking about eternity as much as He was teaching about a present reality.
















Encounters With Jesus: The Rich Fool

This Sunday, Encounters With Jesus:  The Rich Fool is all about old-fashioned greed. 

How much is enough? 

Jesus again uses a parable to teach a critical Kingdom principle about what rich really means. 









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