Thank you for making Me a priority

Psalm 128 is one of the songs of ascents. 

It is one of the psalms pilgrims sang as they approached Jerusalem during one of the three required feasts. 

This psalm promises blessings to the people of God for their faithfulness. 

God is saying in this psalm:  Thank you for making me a priority. I will bless you! 

This Sunday we will unpack these blessings.




Encounters With Jesus: The Desperate Widow

How do we maintain our faith when there is little to encourage us? 

Jesus tells a story in Luke 18 about a widow had no options but to be persistent about her plight in court. 

None of us is weaker than this widow. 

None of us is facing the odds she did, and yet, her persistence produced a favorable result. 

Luke 18 is about the role of prayer and how it bolsters our belief that God will intervene on our behalf. 

Encounters With Jesus: The Disciples Of John

We continue our study on Encounters With Jesus.  What do you do when life throws you a curve? 

How does faith respond in the face of unexpected setbacks? 

This Sunday we will look at the disciples of John the Baptist asking Jesus a strange question as John sat in prison. 

Jesus’ answer was to him, but for us. 

Encounters With Jesus: The Older Brother

Why did Jesus tell the story of the Prodigal Son?

There are many lessons, but within the context of Luke 15, His audience was primarily the hard-nosed rabbis who had little regard for outsiders. 

This Sunday, Encounters With Jesus:  The Older Brother will focus on why he was so unwilling to celebrate the return of his rebellious brother. 



40 Years

This Sunday I will be reflecting what the past 40 years of ministry has revealed to me. 

What was the world like in 1975 and what have been the surprises over these four decades.









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