What Did Jesus Drive Out?

What significance does the story of Jesus cleansing the temple have for us today?

This Sunday, What Did Jesus Drive Out?  

We will examine the background and most importantly the principles that touch our lives today.




Profiles Of Faith: Jan Hus

This Sunday, Profiles Of Faith:  Jan Hus.  

This Reformation giant only lived 46 years, but had a profound impact on the Protestant Reformation. 

His emphasis was on loving the truth over institutional traditions. 

His courage inspired Luther, Tyndale, and the entire movement.  





Make Wisdom A Priority

Our culture is not big on wisdom.

It is not a required course in high school or college, and you never see it on job applications. 

Our culture is big on education and education is a good thing.

 And yet, we have too many educated fools – people who know how to make a career but no idea on how to live a meaningful and fruitful life.

This Sunday, as we celebrate, Senior Sunday, my message will be Make Wisdom A Priority – what it is and how to get there.

The Bad Angel

This Sunday, The Bad Angel, a study on the history of the devil in Scripture, and God’s plan to address the destruction the evil one has done to God’s creation. 

One of the questions we will look at is, Why didn’t God just kill the devil when he rebelled?








Why God Sends Angels

In these secular times people are desperately searching for some spiritual and supernatural meaning to help them cope.

One area where many search is in the realm of angels.

Books on angels are always popular.

There is even a popular television program, Touched By An Angel. 

People find hope in thinking of the ministry of angels.

This Sunday, Why God Sends Angels, and what the Bible has to say about ministry of these special agents. 

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