Treading Sand - Impressed With The Wrong People

As we continue Treading Sand, it is necessary that we look at Korah’s rebellion. 

The critical lesson for us is this:  following the wrong people can be disastrous. 

Certain people can impress us, but if we follow them we must make sure they are locked-in on God’s will.


Treading Sand - What If?

Episode number three in our Treading Sand series is entitled, What If?  Israel was having a significant “what if” moment in Numbers 14. 

Their entire history was turned in this chapter.  

God had a plan, but the people circumvented it with unbelief. 

Not taking God at His Word can bring disastrous results.  






Treading Sand II

In part two of Treading Sand, we will ask why people complain, and how this negative spirit is developed. 

Numbers 11 and the incident regarding the manna provides insight to how believers should handle hardships.








Treading Sand

New series beginning this Sunday:  Treading Sand, a study of the Book of Numbers. 

Israel went through a period of orientation before entering into the Promised Land. 

There were some things they needed to learn about the God who delivered them, and what His expectations were as they moved forward. 

As we move into 2015 it is good to refresh ourselves of the principles of the wilderness. 




Encounters With Jesus: The Wise Men

We see the words often:  Wise Men Still Seek Him, and it a prudent individual who gets this.

Nonetheless, there’s a bigger truth:  He sought us out first! 

This Sunday, The Wise Men have an encounter with Jesus. 

They travel a great distance to worship our Savior. 

The principles from Matthew 2 deeply enrich our journey to and with Jesus.


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