Do We Have A Passion Problem?

Many today point to the different denominations as proof we have an unresolved doctrinal problem. 

The truth is deeper than that.  It’s not about theology that is dividing us. 

It is about our passion or lack of passion for Christ. 

When unity escapes us it is a failure to apply Scriptural principles to our lives. 

This Sunday, Do We Have A Passion Problem? 

We will look at where passion comes from and how to get it back.  


Encounters With Jesus - Arrogant Rabbis

One of the great lesson of Scripture is the proud and boastful will not be honored in the long run. 

The humble will eventually be exalted. 

This Sunday in our Encounters series, we will examine the lives of Arrogant Rabbis, as we discuss what humility is and is not. 




Encounters With Jesus - Paralytic

How is it that Jews misunderstood the miracles of Jesus? 


Bad theology can impede the truth, a truth that can free us to enjoy life. 

This Sunday in our Encounters With Jesus series, we will look at Mark 2 and the healing of the paralytic.






Encounters With Jesus - 10 Lepers

Luke 17 records the story of Jesus encountering the Ten Lepers

All were healed, but only one came back to say “thank you.” 

How important is gratitude in the Christian experience? 

This Sunday we will unpack the principles that go with the story.





Encounters With Jesus - Levi

Levi had Encounters with Jesus (Luke 5) that would change the direction of his life. 

What does it look like when we follow Jesus? 

Levi provides a clue in his decision to be a disciple of Jesus. 

Two key areas of our lives are affected when we follow Jesus. 
















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