Yes, I Believe

 We continue our study, Yes, I Believe.  Talking about the return of Jesus and the reality of heaven raises many questions.  One I hear often is, Will we see the face of God in heaven?  This Sunday we will address this question.

Yes, I Believe

Our series continues, Yes, I Believe…” with Yes, I Believe In The Return Of Jesus Christ.”  Along with the hope of the Resurrection, the return of Jesus should be a major motivation for the believer.  I Thessalonians 4 provides details of His return, and these words must impact us deeply. 


Yes, I Believe

 Our series continues, “Yes, I Believe…”  This Sunday we will address The Church That We Love.  It is popular to knock the church today.  Love Jesus, but not the church.  Church flaws provide the excuse to detach oneself from fellowshipping brethren.  This Sunday, why we should love the church.

Yes, I Believe

Our series continues, “Yes, I Believe…”  This Sunday we will address The Devil That Distracts Us.  The evil one has many weapons at his disposal, but none he employs more than distraction.  Distraction is used to divert our attention away from our destiny, goal, or calling.  Successful, he can prevent us from receiving God’s promises.  How can we combat these distractions?  Do we have the supernatural capacity to see past them?

Yes, I Believe

Our series continues, Yes, I Believe…”  This Sunday we will address Angels That Minister To Us.  Angels are mentioned 116 times in the Old Testament and 175 times in the New Testament, and for good reason.  They are actively involved in the redemption process.  Stories of angels in Scripture encourage us to be aware of the “unseen world.” 

Yes, I Believe

This Sunday, Yes, I Believe In The Gospel We Proclaim.   Our lesson will focus on the keys of the core of the Gospel, and how these are impacted by our faith.  


Bethlehem & Christmas

 Having looked at Nazareth and Jerusalem, we are now ready to look at Christmas through the eyes of the village of Bethlehem.  Bethlehem was the city of David, the greatest song writer in Israel’s history.  Bethlehem reminds us of the role music plays in the telling of the birth of Jesus.   

Jerusalem & Christmas

 Last Sunday we looked at the Christmas story through the village of Nazareth.  This Sunday, through the mighty city of Jerusalem.  We will see how the birth of Jesus was received in the capital of Judaism.  It was received in three different ways which reflect how it is received today. 

Nazareth & Christmas

 For the next three Sundays, I will be telling the Christmas story through the lens of three different locations.  This Sunday, Nazareth & Christmas.  How is it that a village of a few hundred people could play a role in the birth of Jesus?  The Old Testament mentions hundreds of cities and villages, but not a word about Nazareth.  The birth of Jesus changed that.



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