Encounters With Jesus: The Rich Man & Lazarus

Most people reading Luke 16 about the Rich Man & Lazarus assume the text is about heaven and hell. 

As we continue our series Encounters With Jesus, we will deal with a text that points the reader in an entirely different direction.

Jesus wasn’t talking about eternity as much as He was teaching about a present reality.
















Encounters With Jesus: The Rich Fool

This Sunday, Encounters With Jesus:  The Rich Fool is all about old-fashioned greed. 

How much is enough? 

Jesus again uses a parable to teach a critical Kingdom principle about what rich really means. 









Encounters With Jesus - The Centurion

Luke 7 tells the story of an outsider who was deeply respected by the people of God. 

When the Roman centurion needed help from the Lord, the Jews made an appeal on his behalf.  

Serving others finds dividends, and in this case, a miracle as we continue our series, Encounters With Jesus - The Centurion.














Dealing With Down III

In our third and final installment of Dealing With Down, we will examine the three critical factors in addressing depression, and the questions we must address in making personal assessments. 

We will also study the topic through the lens of Psalm 13.








Dealing With Down II

The psalms are deeply profitable for all seasons of life, especially in those seasons when life doesn’t make sense. 

The psalms are honest, raw, and helpful in our processing of emotional wounds. 

This Sunday, installment two on Dealing With Down. 





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