Components Of Faith That Can Fan Conviction

In a steel and concrete bunker outside London during WWII, Winston Churchill uttered some of the most famous words of the 20th century. 

Churchill’s faith in his country serves as an example of the components of faith we need to survive the attack on Christianity. 

This Sunday, Components Of Faith That Can Fan Conviction.












Be In Your Place

Last week Jacob reminded us that the Lord is in this place. 

He was unworthy, unqualified, unfit, but God still showed up. 

But the message doesn’t end there. 

God showed up so that we would show up. 

God wants us to be in our place.  This Sunday, Be In Your Place

God is in His place so we will be in ours!

The Lord Is In This Place

One of the great tragedies of this life is being unaware of God’s presence. 

Sometimes we think we need miracles, visions, burning bushes to experience God, but the truth is,

God shows up far more often than we imagine. 

This Sunday, The Lord Is In This Place, a message about how we regain this awareness.




Famous Last Words

We tend tor remember the last words of famous people or loved ones. 

We seek wisdom in those parting phrases to help us make sense of life. 

This Sunday, as we remember the Resurrection of Jesus, our message will be Famous Last Words, a look at historical figures and of course, the final words of Jesus on the Cross.



Profiles Of Faith: John Wooden

He won 885 games, 19 Conference Championships, 7 straight National Championships, 10 in 12 years. 

More than his titles, he was a man of Christian principle. 

This Sunday, we will look at the life and impact of the life of John Wooden. 

His entire life pointed to one key principle. 















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