God's Wrath - Our Warning

Revelation 15 and 16 sounds extremely disturbing to us, but it brought rejoicing in heaven and hope to suffering Christians in Asia Minor. 

When it comes to evil our God is no pacifist. 

He intends to bring an end to evil, and these chapters provide some details of His  plan. 

These two chapters contain the 7 Bowls of God’s Wrath, and a reminder that we must give serious thought to our own deliverance.

The Doom Of The Dragon

One of the purposes of Revelation is to give followers of Jesus a new dimension of spiritual vision. 

We know there is another dimension, but we know it by faith.  

Revelation provides a glimpse into this dimension, the other reality. 

This week’s message is The Doom Of The Dragon (Revelation 12-14). 

The Dragon is going down and John allows us a look at how this goes down. 


The 7 Trumpets

This Sunday four chapters (Revelation 8-11), but only one scene:  The 7 Trumpets.  

We will learn that trumpets are sounding because Christians are praying. 

Believers are pleading with God to intervene, and after giving the unrighteous a time to repent, God sends judgment. 

When the smoke clears, one temple is gone, and another one comes into view.




Who Can Stand?

The next 13 chapters of Revelation unveil 3 judgments represented by 7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, and 7 Bowls. 

The Seals are about how judgment is experienced by believers. 

The Trumpets and Bowls are about how judgment is experienced by unbelievers. 

The key to understanding these chapters (6-18) is to not to focus on the details but rather the drama

That’s how apocalyptic literature works. 

This Sunday we will look at the Seals (chapters 6-7).








Lion to the Lamb

As we step deeper into John’s vision in Revelation 5, a dramatic change takes place. 

There is a shift from the Lion to the Lamb. 

This refocus causes a shift in our worship and our theology

Revelation is not just about wild visions and heavenly beings. 

It is a teaching arm of the Spirit, teaching that allows us to truly grasp what is necessary.







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