Stress To The World

The month of December is filled with stress.  According to an article in Prevention Magazine, 90% of Americans see the Christmas holiday the most stressful time of the year.  This Sunday, Stress To The World, a look at God’s Word and our response to the Christmas narrative.

Leaving Base Camp

 Last time, Base Camp Security.  This Sunday, Leaving Base Camp, a message about what real friends do.  We will talk about the difference between being accessible and being available.  Our backdrop will be the story of the paralytic of Mark 2.

Base Camp Security

In 1996, Jon Krakauer joined a group who climbed Mount Everest.  What was supposed to be the thrill of a lifetime turned into a horrible disaster.  Krakauer tells how a tent-mate braved the storm in an attempt to rescue the lost.  This Sunday, Base Camp Security.

When We Walk In the Path Of Sorrow


Lamentations describes in excruciating detail the grief that resulted from the siege and eventual collapse of Jerusalem in 586 BC.  It is called Lamentations because it is the lament of a people who survived unspeakable loss.  For the next few weeks, we will use this Book as we examine When We Walk In The Path Of Sorrow.  How does God prepare us for days of pain, and what does He want us to do are items we will examine.











What's God Doing?

The headlines are grim.  Daily we hear of shootings, natural disasters, and more bad press about misbehaving believers.  Has God deserted the scene – given up on us, and just allowing things to play out?  This Sunday, What’s God Doing?, a look at world events through Isaiah 9. 

Are You Ready To Meet God?

One of the classic passages of the Old Testament is from Amos 4:12, "Prepare To Meet Your God". Amos was a prophet to the Northern Kingdom and that nation was on the way to captivity. We will discuss two key words, seven calamities, and four ways to ensure we are prepared to meet God.


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