Illness & Healing

As a nation, we are preoccupied with getting well and going broke to get there.  Over 17% of our GNP is spent on health.  This Sunday, Illness And Healing.  We will address why the evil one targets the body. 

An Inconvenient Religion

There has never been a culture like ours that provides so much convenience.  Who needs the mall; we have  We get what we want and when we want it.  Convenience can be a good thing, but it can mess with us spiritually.  This Sunday, An Inconvenient Christianity.  Is the church offering a religious experience that demands nothing?

Dead Man Down Under

A strange set of events made it appear that Michael O’Neill disappeared and passed away.  When he showed up some time later, people were shocked to see him.  The same was true of Jesus.  It was assumed that He was crucified and gone, but He appears to numerous people.  This Easter Sunday, Dead Man Down Under, a message of hope from the Resurrection.  

Passion Week Begins With Palm Sunday

Jesus had been working for three and one-half years for this moment.  He had been teaching, healing, and serving – all of which shook up the social system of Judaism.  Now, He’s entering Jerusalem – the one place He shouldn’t be if He wanted to live.  This Sunday, Passion Week Begins With Palm Sunday, and principles that touch us today. 

Looking For Adventure?

It’s a huge misconception that Christianity is boring.  In the presence of true joy and lasting peace, boredom does not exist.  This Sunday, Looking For Adventure?  Christians can experience depression and sorrow, but when they are living in truth, and seeking God’s Kingdom, boring is the last thing this life will be. 

Our Journey To Rome

This Sunday, Our Journey To Rome, a message about Paul’s trip to his beheading in Rome.  In many ways. Paul’s journey to Rome resembles our journey to death.  We will follow Paul’s trip as described in Acts 21-28, and discover some life principles regarding our journey.

Do You Have A Plan, IV

We conclude our Do You Have A Plan series this Sunday.  We have discussed our Potential, Process, Power, and finally, Priorities.  We will examine the conversation Jesus had with the Rich Man of Matthew 19 about how his wealth was an obstacle to his walk.  

Do You Have A Plan, III

 We are into our third installment of Do You Have A Plan?  This Sunday, we will have a conversation about the role of Power in our plans.  We will deal with the “move that mountain” statement, and how faith impacts our plans.

Do you Have A Plan, II

As we continue our series on Do You Have A Planwe need to understand the process of developing a plan for our lives.   We will examine the difference between career and mission and how to stay within the boundaries of God’s plan for us. 

Do You Have A Plan?

In one week, two teams will be playing for the Vince Lombardi Trophy as the best in the NFL.   There will be hours of planning – watching film – breaking down the strengths and weaknesses of their opponent.  No team would ever think of just showing up and playing the game.  It would be disastrous.  And yet, we do exactly that in some areas of our lives.  This Sunday, Do You Have A Plan?  We will begin a series on the importance of planning in our lives. 


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