Sizing Up Jesus

 Every day we size-up people.  Physiologists tell us that we make about eleven decisions about a person in less than a minute.  Throughout the Gospels, numerous people had an opportunity to size-up Jesus.  This Sunday, Sizing-Up Jesus.  We focus on the seven different encounters found in Luke 7.

For Better Or Worse, V

In our last lesson in this series on For Better Or Worsewe will look at the process of decision-making when a couple become stuck.  God’s Word has a word on this, and the result of honoring His Word is real agape love.

For Better Or Worse, IV

Genesis 24 provides a wonderful template for finding a marriage partner.  This Sunday, Part IV of For Better Or Worse.  We will examine a passage that reveals the mind and heart of God regarding selecting a marriage partner. 

For Better Or Worse, III

 When marriages fall apart, it is usually not the result of a bizarre event.  In most cases, marriages fail because there had been a slow leak that went unattended.  In our third installment of For Better Or Worsewe will have a conversation about Covenant Companionship.


For Better Or Worse, III

In our second installment of For Better Or Worsewe will focus on Avoiding Marital Failure.  We live in a time when many have no problem walking away from vows made to God.  I even hear some speak of starter marriages.  We will look at the main reasons for failure and our need for God’s Word.

Love Is Not A Burden

There are many hard passages in the New Testament that challenge the believer to push to the next level.  Jesus’ words at Matthew 11:28-30 require our deepest trust of the Master.  This Sunday, Love Is Not A Burden.  Jesus taught that following God was not a burden as the Pharisees insisted.  This message will unfold the meaning of Jesus’ famous words.

A Call To Adventure

We live in a culture that craves adventure. Shows like Ice Road Truckers and Survivor are popular.  The hot movie of the summer season is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and it is about high adventure.  This Sunday, A Call To Adventure.  Is it time for the church to become a bit more daring?


My Heart: Gone Wrong But Set Right

Solomon was given a special gift of wisdom and reigned in a time of peace and prosperity.  As he ages and sees his kingdom slipping from his hands, he focuses on his son, and his ability to succeed.  His son, however, was Rehoboam and he was not a very wise person.  This Sunday, My Heart: Gone Wrong But Set Right begins with Solomon and ends with our personal struggle with the heart. 

Never Give Up!

 Our Graduating class of 2018 began school in 2001.  Many changes have occurred, but our Lord has not.  This Sunday, Never Give Up!  We serve a God who never gives up so that we push to greater heights

For Better Or Worse

We’re starting a new series, For Better Or Worse.  We live in the “Me-Now” generation.  Nowhere is this seen than in the area of marriage failure.  Placing personal happiness over the welfare of our families and God’s honor has contributed to breakdown of our greatest American institution. 



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