Bartimaeus And Knowing The Will Of God

July 15, 2019

Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem with the Cross facing Him.  His mind was filled with what faced Him.  Mark 10 tells the story of Jesus’ last miracle before His arrest.  No one could have been under more stress, and yet He took the time to respond to the cries of a blind man.  This Sunday, Bartimaeus And Knowing The Will Of God.”  


Principles For Leaving

July 8, 2019

People leave churches all the time.  They leave gradually or suddenly.  Some retire and move away.  Some pass away.  Truth is, everyone will leave – gradually or suddenly.  This Sunday, Principles For Leaving.

There's Something In The Water, II

July 1, 2019

  This Sunday we conclude our study on There’s Something In The Watera message on why we should value baptism, and what it says about our testimony.

Leadership And Legacy

June 10, 2019

When something goes wrong, who takes the heat?  If in a large corporation, it’s the CEO, and we’ve seen numerous examples of heads rolling in corporate America.  What about when things go awry in the home?  This Sunday, Leadership & Legacya message about the role of the husband and father in the home, and a message about how to build a godly legacy. 

There's Something In The Water

May 26, 2019

Our church family and our fellowship strongly emphasize the Baptism Of The Great Commission.  This Sunday, There’s Something In The Watera message on why we value the practice of baptism, and how a popular song by the country singer helps us grasp its value.