What Joseph's Dream Teaches Us

We’ve been talking about dreams and the role they can play in our walk with God.  A long time ago, a seventeen-year-old boy had a dream that was so amazing that he shared it with his family.  That didn’t go very well for him.  This Sunday, What Joseph’s Dream Teaches Us.

What Jacob's Dream Tells Us

On his way to Haran, Jacob had a dream that would change his life.  We know the story, but have we grasped what this dream tells us today about our lives?  This Sunday, What Jacob’s Dream Tells Usa message about the three greatest things God wants to reveal to us.


Does God Talk To Us In Our Dreams?

The average person has about 1,460 dreams a year or about 4 per night.  We know from Scripture that God often used dreams as a means of communication to His servants.  We also know that dreams were important to early church fathers.  Question is, Does God Talk To Us In Our Dreams?  This Sunday, we will address this question.

Let Me Fix That: Your Marriage

A favorite pastime of our culture is fixing people.  And nowhere is this seen more than in the area of trying to fix marriages.  It seems everybody is an expert on other peoples’ problems.  This Sunday, Let Me Fix That: Your Marriage.  Paul’s words of Ephesians 5 will be brought into the conversation – a conversation that is counter cultural.

Let Me Fix That

The world is filled with more problems, not less as the result of centuries of trying to fix things.  WWI was the war to end all wars.  It didn’t.  At every turn, man has bungled and botched all efforts to solve his problems.  Why?  This Sunday, Let Me Fix That, a message about God’s solution – not man’s. 

Box Theology, III

In this final installment of Box Theologywe ask, “Why is this story in here?”  God allows calamity to visit His people for one critical reason.  The costly error of believing God’s Word was boring was destroying the heart of Israel.

Box Theology, II

 Israel loses a battle with the Philistines, losing some 4,000 soldiers.  They believe that bringing the Ark into battle will surely turn the tide.  The result: the loss of 30,000 more soldiers.  In this second installment of Box Theology, we will explore why Israel had the wrong view of the Ark, and how this attitude profoundly affects our walk with God today.

Box Theology

 400 years after the Exodus, Israel was spiritually stuck.  They had difficulty connecting the holiness of God with their daily lives.  They had the Ark of the Covenant as a reminder of God’s presence, but they treated it like a good luck charm.  This Sunday, we start a series entitled, Box Theology, a study on the importance of God’s Word and His glory.

After God's Own Heart?

  Some are confused by Acts 13:22 and I Samuel 13:13-14 that says David was a man after God’s own heart.  How could the Holy Spirit provide this commentary on a man who did horrible sin?  This Sunday, After God’s Own Heart?  We will address why this said of David in the face of his many transgressions.


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