A Call To Adventure

We live in a culture that craves adventure. Shows like Ice Road Truckers and Survivor are popular.  The hot movie of the summer season is Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and it is about high adventure.  This Sunday, A Call To Adventure.  Is it time for the church to become a bit more daring?


My Heart: Gone Wrong But Set Right

Solomon was given a special gift of wisdom and reigned in a time of peace and prosperity.  As he ages and sees his kingdom slipping from his hands, he focuses on his son, and his ability to succeed.  His son, however, was Rehoboam and he was not a very wise person.  This Sunday, My Heart: Gone Wrong But Set Right begins with Solomon and ends with our personal struggle with the heart. 

Never Give Up!

 Our Graduating class of 2018 began school in 2001.  Many changes have occurred, but our Lord has not.  This Sunday, Never Give Up!  We serve a God who never gives up so that we push to greater heights

For Better Or Worse

We’re starting a new series, For Better Or Worse.  We live in the “Me-Now” generation.  Nowhere is this seen than in the area of marriage failure.  Placing personal happiness over the welfare of our families and God’s honor has contributed to breakdown of our greatest American institution. 


Illness & Healing II

  In part two of Illness & Healingwe will look at illness through the lens of Psalm 6.  This psalm provides a glimpse into David’s personal life and his struggle with sin and illness.  His words are insights for us as we face health issues. 


Illness & Healing

As a nation, we are preoccupied with getting well and going broke to get there.  Over 17% of our GNP is spent on health.  This Sunday, Illness And Healing.  We will address why the evil one targets the body. 

An Inconvenient Religion

There has never been a culture like ours that provides so much convenience.  Who needs the mall; we have Amazon.com?  We get what we want and when we want it.  Convenience can be a good thing, but it can mess with us spiritually.  This Sunday, An Inconvenient Christianity.  Is the church offering a religious experience that demands nothing?

Dead Man Down Under

A strange set of events made it appear that Michael O’Neill disappeared and passed away.  When he showed up some time later, people were shocked to see him.  The same was true of Jesus.  It was assumed that He was crucified and gone, but He appears to numerous people.  This Easter Sunday, Dead Man Down Under, a message of hope from the Resurrection.  

Passion Week Begins With Palm Sunday

Jesus had been working for three and one-half years for this moment.  He had been teaching, healing, and serving – all of which shook up the social system of Judaism.  Now, He’s entering Jerusalem – the one place He shouldn’t be if He wanted to live.  This Sunday, Passion Week Begins With Palm Sunday, and principles that touch us today. 


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