Guest speaker

This week, Dan Bateman will be sharing his story with us. Dan is a former state trooper and has some facinating insights to share.

Come join us.





It's A Journey

The Scriptures are replete with examples of God showing up in people's lives without warning.

We will discuss three examples in each Testament where lives were disrupted for the glory of God. We will discuss the value of disruption and our response to it.

God wants every believer to know that he/she is on a journey where trusts will be forged, relationships will be strengthened, and battles will be engaged.

When our lives are disrupted, God wants us to learn to hang on to His hand for an experience of a lifetime.

Final Study of Demons and Strongholds

In our final study of Demons & Strongholds, we will call for David's testimony in dealing with strongholds.

What he did physically we are called to do spiritually. David had a view of God that helped him construct his own stronghold against his enemies. David knew he needed help, and prepared to receive it.

The power of the Gospel has never been the issue for believers today; it's the appropriation of that power that challenges us...

Sunday's message will turn our heads, and hopefully our hearts, in the right direction...

Brazil Team Report

This Sunday, we'll take a break from our study of demons and strongholds to hear an update from our Brazil team who just recently returned from an 8 day visit.

Bring some friends and join us.



Demons and Strongholds III

In our third installment of Demons & Strongholds, specific teaching about the “how” of bringing down strongholds will be presented. 

We will address these questions: 

-- Where is the war fought?
-- What weapons do we employ?
-- How do we wage this war? 

Understanding of our greatest weapon against demonic activity is crucial for our well-being.

Demons and Strongholds Series Continues

As our series on Demons & Strongholds continues, we will examine the two-fold agenda of demons and how Satanic stronghold operate.  The early church had challenges by brethren under the influence of demons. 

Timothy was given clear instructions on how to deal with such individuals. 

We are given clear instructions on how to recognize strongholds in our own lives and the remedy offered “in Christ.”

New Series: Demons & Strongholds

Beginning next Sunday, we will start a new mini series on Demons & Strongholds, and examine the activity of the evil one and his agents in the past and in the present. The key weapon the believer possesses is the knowledge that Jesus Christ has authority and dominion over any and all evil powers.

Awareness of satanic influence must be balanced with awareness and acceptance of Christ's remedies. No one denies that the devil is in the business of oppressing people with all manner of difficulties. He counts on us not appropriating the benefits of Christ's blood.

The study will take notice of the foundational principles we will need to study this topic, what demons do and how to be delivered from them, and the importance of pulling down strongholds.

Our Nation's Independence

 This week we celebrate the 4th of July – our nation's independence. Independence is a good thing as long as it doesn't translate into a feeling of independence upon Almighty God.

This Sunday we will talk about our freedom “in Christ” and how a secular society wars against God's Kingdom. Not all of our founding fathers were believers, yet there was a profound respect for the place Christ played in the hearts of the early citizens.

We will ask what a secular society looks like and how believers can properly respond to the frightening trends of the day.

The Greatest Immigration II

 This Sunday we continue our study on The Greatest Immigration.  People risk everything in order to experience “the better life.”  Our nation used to welcome immigrants, but all the illegal border busters has changed our opinion. 

Truth is, when we look back in history, the first illegal immigrants were the pilgrims.  No visas, no permission, no invitation to enter this land we call America, but they came in droves until the entire population reflected a new nation. 

How are believers to respond to all the modern border busters?  This Sunday we will seek Christ's heart on this matter. 

Greatest Immigration Story in History

 What was the greatest immigration in history? The Hebrew Exodus? Pilgrims coming to the New World. Twentieth century Europeans coming to America? Illegal aliens in our present day?

None of these.

Sunday we will talk about immigration – why people do it - and what Jesus has to say about those seeking a better life.


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