Loneliness is a wilderness . . .

This Sunday we conclude our series “The Four Faces Of Loneliness.” It's amazing how the Word of God, “living and active” (Hebrews 4:12) addresses areas of human conflict.

The Bible isn't a collection of cute stories. It's a journal of hope, power, and direction. Loneliness will need every resource we possess.

In The Path Of Loneliness by Elizabeth Elliot, she writes, “Loneliness is a wilderness, but receiving it is a gift. Accepting it from the hand of God and offering it back to Him with thanksgiving may be a pathway to holiness to glory and to God Himself.”

The Four Faces reflect us, but also a God of tenderness.





Four Faces Of Loneliness - Part Two

This coming Sunday we take a second look at the crisis of loneliness in our culture. We will introduce four Bible characters who experienced loneliness for different reasons, but were blessed by meeting God in the midst of their crisis.

I believe there is value in studying these individuals and their situations. Romans 15:4 comes to mind: “For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.”

God's intervention into the lives of these four wasn't just for them. It was us, as well.

We will see ourselves in these characters and hopefully sense the hope God intended as we view our crisis through the promises of God.

The Four Faces Of Loneliness

From Labor Day to New Year's Day, I experience my heaviest load in counseling. People seem to place their personal problems on hold during the summer months, and when the time in the sun is over, darkness seems to invade many hearts.

The number one problem I address in the lives of other people is loneliness. With the holidays approaching the problem seems to be even more acute. The next several weeks we will be studying “The Four Faces Of Loneliness.”

We will examine this struggle through the lives of four Biblical character. The key principle I want to emphasize is that Jesus meets us in the midst of our problems. We have His Word on it!

Tools For Waiting

This Sunday is a wrap on our seven week series on Disciplines For Discipleship. It is my opinion that waiting is the hardest work of hope, and we'll talk about why.

This is not a culture that likes to wait whether it be the super market, in traffic, the doctor's office, anywhere.

The God of the Bible, however, uses waiting for the good of His people and purpose. Abraham had to wait; so did Moses.What about Simeon and Anna in the New Testament?

We will need tools for this discipline, and we'll lay them out as we exercise in God's gym.



Daily I am battered by an array of stimuli. 

A glance at my desk reveals files, books, emails, lists, magazines, and DVDs that call for my attention. At times I feel myself immobilized by the diversity and complexity of stimuli. 

Daily I have to choose what to do based on priority and commitment.  It occurred to me that my desk is a picture of our culture - cluttered lives filled with daily important decisions that demand to be first in line. 

I'm reminded that Scriptures have a way of confronting us, and that's what Joshua was doing in Joshua 24.  He was bringing clarity to the choices before the people then and today.


Talking Without Transformation

The sixth discipline to consider is confession. Western culture has embraced cyber confessions which allow persons to talk, but not experience transformation. The believer talks as a means to transform.

Modern confessionals of dialoguing-only offer no healing to the inner scars that fester deep in the spirit that causes all kinds of troubles. Every discipline is designed for a practical purpose in the quest to mirror the image of our Lord.

Sunday, October 26th, we will address what confession really is, the history of confession, and a classic form of confession from a great man of the past.

A Protocol For Worship

In our fourth installment of the series, 7 Disciplines For The Disciple, we will address the area of worship.

We will look at the protocol for worship from Psalm 100, and ask how we can know if we've been successful in our worship.




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