Paul's Resume and the Resurrection

Christmas and Easter messages are the toughest to prepare because everybody knows the stories and outcomes, and somehow the homiletician is supposed to make it more interesting and more applicable.

For this reason, I am going with a completely different text than the usual gospel account.

The message is Paul's Resume & The Resurrection.

The apostle ties both together in his epistle to the Philippians.

As we make that connection we will then review our response to the Resurrection as we bring our resumes to the throne.

Mellencamp and the Messiah

What does the rock star John Mellencamp and the Messiah have in common?

This Sunday as we continue Christianity 3.0 we will answer this question.

Jesus said two words some twenty-one times in the Gospels that altered lives forever.

Those words are still changing lives today.

I'm looking forward to this study and the promises it holds for us today!




Religion Can Be Dangerous!

One of the biggest obstacles seekers face is their perception of believers.

They often see stuffy, plastic, out-dated people who love to flaunt their goodness.

Jesus, at Luke 18, tells a story of a disciplined religious person and a struggling sinner.

Only one was accepted by God.

Sunday, we will examine two approaches and two philosophies for living in a fallen world and in God's kingdom.


When God Doesn't Give You What You Want

One of the most dangerous myths in Christendom is God will make life smoother for those dedicated to Him.

Often the very opposite is true.

Some of the most devoted followers of Jesus over the centuries have been the recipients of persecution and terrible misfortune.

As we continue Christianity 3.0, we digest, “When God Doesn't Give You What You Want.”

Jesus sent a message to a friend that his suffering was not going to end.

We will look at this Gospel account and the principles attached to the story.

This will be the second in this study series and the first we will examine in our small groups.

See you Sunday!

Christianity 3.0

New study series begins this Sunday – Christianity 3.0.

This study will challenge us to look at the Gospels with different eyes. Maturity gives us a new heart and a new set of eyes.

Commands of Jesus are received with eagerness. The “what's in it for me” attitude disappears.

This study will examine numerous passages that seem at first glance to be very offensive, but upon a deeper glance, instructions to a deeper walk with our Savior. 

A Better Way of Loving

We are in our final installment of Fireproof Your Marriage this Sunday.

We will look at the three types of love in Biblical language and the kind of love Jesus employed in dealing with people.

As we close the study we will unpack three critical principles about a better way to love.

This better way won't happen by accident. We won't drift into it.

We develop it, feed it, pursue it, practice it.


There wasn't a lot of training in seminary about forgiveness – well, at least person to person.

I needed it.

One of the most difficult building blocks of the Christian faith is taking God's Word seriously on the topic of forgiveness.

Mother Theresa once wrote: “If we really want to love, e must learn to forgive.”

We will dig into two texts about Jesus' teaching and expectations regarding forgiveness. Being a “score-keeper” or holding grudges is out!

A spirit of un-forgiveness destroys everything that Christ is desiring to mold into our lives.

If your life has been altered by Jesus, the surest way to know it is through our willingness to forgive.

How's it going? Embracing it? Let's talk on Sunday.

Breaking Free

Submission, love, and understanding are three terms examined in the first three installments of Fireproof Your Marriage.

Week four highlights a different word: parasites.

We have some understanding of bugs that bite, but what about relational parasites that do more than bite?

Some very practical instruction from God's Word on this topic.

See you on Sunday.



Love For A Lifetime

One of the keys that opens the doorway to intimacy in marriage is understanding.

Understanding is perceiving your partner's perspective.

This Sunday's message will explore the value of understanding through the lenses of understanding the seasons or passages of marriage.

The psychological community breaks down the dynamics of these seasons, but the Holy Spirit provides us with a picture of how it functions.



He First Loved Us

We resume our Fireproof Your Marriage series this Sunday.

Almost weekly numerous flyers cross my desk about marriage seminars.

Some stress the value of communication and others tout the role of conflict resolution or exposing the money factor in relationships.

One thing seems to be missing in all of these seminars. In our next study together an honest look at the most important element of marriage will be our focus.

What is it and how is it developed?

See you Sunday.





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