God Keeps His Word

This Easter Sunday, we will have a conversation about God Keeps His Word.  The Resurrection of Jesus was the most shocking news in all of history.  Death could not keep Jesus in the tomb.  Why did He rise from the dead?  One reason: God always keeps His word.  How does this promise kept touch our lives today? 

Our Last Move: Getting Ready

 As we near the end of this series on Our Last Movewe will focus on Getting Ready.  Dwight Moody once said, “Heaven is a prepared place for prepared people.”  We prepare by removing distractions that cloud our view, and by forming a vision of the rewards that await us.


Our Last Move: Who Gets In?

One of the oldest questions debated is, “Who gets into heaven?”  And just about every religious group has an answer that matches the template of their fellowship.  This Sunday, in our series, Our Last Movewe will explore the common views, and what Jesus has to say on the subject.

Our Last Move: Will We Be Bored?

People often ask, “What will we do in heaven?”  We look forward to retirement or vacation because we an idea of what we will be doing.  How can we look forward to heaven if we no clue of our activities there?  This Sunday, Our Last Move: Will We Be Bored?  We will examine five different activities that should deeply encourage us.

Our Last Move

 In our third installment of Our Last Movewe will get into some Glimpses of our final home.  Jesus promised (John 14:1-4) that He would personally be involved in our eternal residence.  Jesus also promised a restoration of everything (Acts 3:21), so receiving glimpses can be helpful for the physical part of our journey. 

Our Last Move

This Sunday, our second installment of Our Last Move, Our Perception Of Heaven.  Our study will provide the background to why we believe what we believe about heaven.  Paul made it clear that God has revealed what our perception must be about our final home.


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