Making Sense of It All & Invasion and Rescue Continue

September 24, 2007

Ecclesiastes 3 is the text for our next installment of Making Sense Of It All. Studying for this one chapter has caused me to re-examine some key Christian doctrines.

Solomon says “There is a time or season for everything.” At first glance it appears like the wise man is discussing the different seasons of life that happen upon us, but a closer examinations reveals something much deeper and much more challenging in our walk with God.

The source of these seasons may surprise you, but our response is foundational to our faith. Looking forward to our unpacking of these truths together.

The last installment of Invasion & Rescue, attention will be given to the temptation of the survivors of the USS Indianapolis to drink salt water as they waited rescue.

Like these men, we're immersed in a sea of temptation that claims many lives daily. How could the crew take their minds off the deadly seawater and on the task of survival? What keeps us from indulging the alluring waters about us?

Survival must look beyond the immediate plight and gaze upon the ultimate goal of being rescued. Sharks, injuries, thirst, and hunger cannot block the dream of rescue without our permission.

Invasion & Rescue II

September 18, 2007

This second installment amplifies the struggle we face with our sins.  Three key elements are necessary for the battle:  Understanding the battlefield, the enemy, and our plan for rescue. 

Jesus warned us to “watch and pray” (Matthew 26:41).    What did He mean by using the word “watch”?  That will be our focus as we continue to wrap our minds around the concept of Christ invading our world to rescue us. 

Please pray for me as I do the finishing work on this message.

New series on Invasion & Rescue

September 11, 2007On July 30, 1945 the USS Indianapolis was ambushed after delivering the atomic bomb that would help end WW II. Some 900 sailors survived the torpedoes, but only 316 survived the shark-infested waters for the five days it took to rescue them. Over 500 sailors were not rescued. A clerical error meant the Navy wasn't even looking for them! It was a recon flight that discovered the survivors. This was one of the biggest tragedies of the war.

Truth is, most who live on this earth will not be rescued. We will begin a new series on Invasion & Rescue that focuses on Christ's coming to this world to seek and to save. Why won't most be rescued? What do we need to know to survive the satan-infested culture in which we live? What do we need to know we will be rescued.

I recommend watching the movie, Ocean Of Fear (check cable listings and/or the video store). This movie is about the daunting rescue. I also recommend reading Ephesians 6:10-18, I John 3:4-8, and Luke 4:16-21 in preparation for our study together.

Building and Healing Relationships Seminar

September 4, 2007
This coming Saturday & Sunday, September 8 & 9
Dr. Brian Stogner & Dr. Gordon MacKinnon of Rochester College

Saturday                         4:30 PM (Session One)
 Babysitting provided            5:15 PM (Catered Meal) - No charge
                                         6:00 PM (Session Two)

Sunday                            9:30 AM (Session Three)
                                       10:30 AM (Session Four)

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The Difference Between An ACT of Faith and An ACTIVE Faith - Part Five

August 27, 2007We began and will end with Abraham, our Father of the faithful. Take a look again at Genesis 12:1-7. I'm intrigued with what's not in the text. What was the promise to Abraham? What part of the promise was for him personally? We'll discuss Abraham's response to Yahweh's promise to him. It was “to” him, but not so much “for” him.

Faith is about making decisions today that may not benefit us as much as they favor our children and their children. Sounds nice, but at what cost? How much of your lifestyle are you willing to sacrifice to make it better for future generations.

We'll also discuss Matthew 11:11 and the statement about the least in the kingdom are greater than John the Baptist. Why did Jesus say that?

While you're at it, take a walk through Hebrews 11 this week - “The Hall Of Fame Of The Faithful.” What's the common thread?

Looking forward to studying with you on Sunday!