The Greatest Immigration II

June 25, 2008

 This Sunday we continue our study on The Greatest Immigration.  People risk everything in order to experience “the better life.”  Our nation used to welcome immigrants, but all the illegal border busters has changed our opinion. 

Truth is, when we look back in history, the first illegal immigrants were the pilgrims.  No visas, no permission, no invitation to enter this land we call America, but they came in droves until the entire population reflected a new nation. 

How are believers to respond to all the modern border busters?  This Sunday we will seek Christ's heart on this matter. 

Greatest Immigration Story in History

June 18, 2008

 What was the greatest immigration in history? The Hebrew Exodus? Pilgrims coming to the New World. Twentieth century Europeans coming to America? Illegal aliens in our present day?

None of these.

Sunday we will talk about immigration – why people do it - and what Jesus has to say about those seeking a better life.

God's Plan For Fathers

June 10, 2008

 This week's Father's Day message will feature two very popular songs of our day, Because You Loved Me, written by Diane Warren and The Greatest Man I Never Knew, performed by Reba McIntyre. Two very different songs tell two very different stories about the influence and power of fathers in the home.

If your children wrote a song about your influence, what would the words reveal about you? Dads need a plan if their children are to receive and carry a message of hope for their future.

Sunday we will discuss the plan.

True North

June 6, 2008

 This Sunday, we will take some time to congratulate and pray over our three graduating high school seniors. As we see in so many examples in Scripture, we all have the opportunity to share from our faith and experiences with our friends and family. So, this week, several of our members as well as the familes of our graduating seniors will be sharing what they have learned and what God has shared in their lives.

Come join us!

Three Classic Lies

May 28, 2008

 This past week I read an article on the web entitled, Ten Lies We Believe by John Locke. It was primarily about the lies we accept in the arena of politics, and how blinded we are by the media and Hollywood. Locke's words were quite radical, and it made me wonder about the many lies we that affect Christian community.

This Sunday we will look at three classic lies about happiness and how the Holy Spirit weighs in on the subject of lies and happiness.