7 Disciplines For Disclples

September 4, 2008

The NFL teams broke camp this past week and the games for real begin this weekend. Are the camps necessary? These guys, except for the rookies, are pros. They can just show up, right? Believe me, the teams would love to save the millions spent on camp every year, but the benefits for outweigh the sweat and grit. Hard, exhausting, time-consuming drills in the sun prepare the players to be stronger, faster and more alert to face their opponents.

This Sunday, we begin a new study series, "7 Disciplines For Disciples." We are taking the idea of spiritual formation (seminar next Saturday, the 13th) a step deeper.

It all begins with "Learning To Listen." How well do you listen to God? How badly do you need godly instruction in your life? Training camps in pro sports are not all on-the-field practices. There are classes and meetings. Leaders talk and good players listen.

Listening open the door to each discipline for the disciple. Come expecting a blessing.

No Expiration Date!

August 27, 2008

The message Sunday is No Expiration Date! Isaiah saw a vision that changed his life and the direction of his ministry at Isaiah 6. The vision revealed more than what was wrong with his nation. It revealed what was amiss in his own life.

Our time together this Sunday will take a hard look at this chapter and what it means to offend a holy God. Is it easy for us to understand as parents how our adult children can hurt us. We forget, however, that God is a Father, too, and that we offend Him the way our children offend us.

We will also investigate the real focus on worship as we experience the presence of Yahweh.

Guest speaker

August 21, 2008

This week, Dan Bateman will be sharing his story with us. Dan is a former state trooper and has some facinating insights to share.

Come join us.





It's A Journey

August 12, 2008

The Scriptures are replete with examples of God showing up in people's lives without warning.

We will discuss three examples in each Testament where lives were disrupted for the glory of God. We will discuss the value of disruption and our response to it.

God wants every believer to know that he/she is on a journey where trusts will be forged, relationships will be strengthened, and battles will be engaged.

When our lives are disrupted, God wants us to learn to hang on to His hand for an experience of a lifetime.

Final Study of Demons and Strongholds

August 6, 2008

In our final study of Demons & Strongholds, we will call for David's testimony in dealing with strongholds.

What he did physically we are called to do spiritually. David had a view of God that helped him construct his own stronghold against his enemies. David knew he needed help, and prepared to receive it.

The power of the Gospel has never been the issue for believers today; it's the appropriation of that power that challenges us...

Sunday's message will turn our heads, and hopefully our hearts, in the right direction...