West Coast Churches: Thyatira

We continue our series on We Need A Revelation by examining the church at Thyatira

Whereas Ephesus had the doctrine down but lacked the love, Thyatira had the love but lacked the doctrine. 

We can engage the world without embracing her view of tolerance.  Jesus was extremely harsh with this church because His honor and their future were at stake.  




West Coach Churches: Pergamum

Is there such a thing as spiritual flirting

As we examine the third of the West Coach Churches: Pergamum, it becomes clear that some in that church were being tolerant of practices offensive to Jesus. 

James 4 refers to this as cheating on God. 

Flirting can damage marital relationships and spiritual flirting can destroy the witness of a church. 




West Coast Churches: Smyrna

We are on to the second of the West Coast Churches:  Smyrna

Placing “membership” with a local congregation follows a pattern of interviews and possibly signing some forms. 

There was no such practice in the first century church. 

You made a public confession of the Lordship of Jesus and that confession was challenged over and again by the culture. 

Smyrna suffered greatly because of her loyalty to Christ, and she set the example for faithfulness.  


West Coast Churches: Ephesus

This week in We Need A Revelation, we will examine the first of the West Coast Churches: Ephesus

This was John’s home congregation, a church faithful in deeds, but lacking in passion. 

Jesus challenges them and us to remember how we began our walk and promises a blessing for renewing the passion.   






Seeing Jesus Among The Churches

This week in We Need A Revelation: Seeing Jesus Among The Churches, we will examine the beginning words of Jesus to the Seven Churches. 

What John learns in this part of the vision is the real battle is not with Rome. 

The battle is between two kingdoms and the church is caught in the middle. 

The church felt the tension then and the same is true today. 

We will learn why the dragon hates the church and how a correct mission addresses the true focus of the church.


What Do You See?

The Book of Revelation reminds us that we all may experience a Patmos season. 

Like John we may feel isolated in our time of crisis. 

As we continue our series, We Need A Revelation, we will ask the question:  What Do You See? 

Specifically, Who do you see in the midst of your trial? 

John reminds us we can trust the One who has conquered the grave.


We Need A Revelation

The church of the first century was in a crisis.  Unbelieving Jews and an empire thirsty for power and pleasure were applying pressure. 

The church needed a revelation, and John gave it to them. 

This Sunday we begin a series, We Need A Revelation as we examine God’s final word of inspiration. 

Our first installment is Where To Start. 


Life Is Short

Like a storm surge that devastates lives, we have this sexual storm causing damage in the land. 

Ashley Madison with its 32,000,000 clients tout the words, Life is Short, Have An Affair. 

This Sunday we will address this philosophy and survey the storm damage and listen to God’s wisdom about the believer’s response. 





Encounters With Jesus: Healing Of The Man With Dropsy


Seven times in the Gospels Jesus healed someone on the Sabbath Day. 

It was controversial because the religious leaders created laws about the Sabbath God never intended. 

This Sunday we will discuss the Healing Of The Man With Dropsy and how this healing pointed a finger of guilt right back at the religious leaders. 






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