Profiles Of Faith: John Wooden

He won 885 games, 19 Conference Championships, 7 straight National Championships, 10 in 12 years. 

More than his titles, he was a man of Christian principle. 

This Sunday, we will look at the life and impact of the life of John Wooden. 

His entire life pointed to one key principle. 















Who Turned Off The Lights?

The Battle of the Philippine Sea (June 19-20, 1944) is the backdrop for this Sunday’s message, Who Turned Off The Lights? 

Genesis 1:2-3 says God turned on the light for man in the beginning, but the light faded as much digressed into sin. 

Jesus came and declared He was “the light of the world.” 

Jesus is the answer to the darkness in a world moving away from God.


Profiles Of Faith: Ridley, Latimer, & Cranmer

Ridley, Latimer, and Cranmer were bishops in the Church of England in the 1500s. 

They found themselves in the middle of a political struggle between the throne of England and the Roman Catholic Church. 

They gave their lives to defend the truth. 

These three heroes provide for us a glimpse of what faithfulness requires. 

This Sunday, Profiles Of Faith:  Ridley, Latimer, & Cranmer



Encounters With Jesus: The devil

In our Encounters With Jesus series we have looked at men and women from all walks of life. 

Our study would not be complete without one of the most significant encounters in all of Scripture, the day the evil one encountered Jesus in the wilderness. 

This Sunday we will look at this encounter and how this incident equips us to win the battle with temptation. 




Treading Sand: Moses’ Last Hike

We close the series with the death of Moses. 

At the age of 120, Moses climbed 6 ½ miles up Mt. Nebo for his final act with God. 

As he prepared for his death, Moses writes Psalm 90. 

He accepts his fate calmly because his faith was firm. 

Deuteronomy 34 is about the mercy of God touching a servant who loved Him. 



Treading Sand: Moses Loses It

Numbers 20 is about a servant losing his cool after 40 years of faithfulness. 

Moses, the Law Giver broke the Law and had to pay the penalty. 

Faithful believers do not get a pass because of prior successes. 

Even though Moses was exceedingly angry, the chapter is not about anger. 

It is about something of far more importance.

This week: Treading Sand:  Moses Loses It.











Treading Sand - What If?

Episode number three in our Treading Sand series is entitled, What If?  Israel was having a significant “what if” moment in Numbers 14. 

Their entire history was turned in this chapter.  

God had a plan, but the people circumvented it with unbelief. 

Not taking God at His Word can bring disastrous results.  






Treading Sand II

In part two of Treading Sand, we will ask why people complain, and how this negative spirit is developed. 

Numbers 11 and the incident regarding the manna provides insight to how believers should handle hardships.








Treading Sand

New series beginning this Sunday:  Treading Sand, a study of the Book of Numbers. 

Israel went through a period of orientation before entering into the Promised Land. 

There were some things they needed to learn about the God who delivered them, and what His expectations were as they moved forward. 

As we move into 2015 it is good to refresh ourselves of the principles of the wilderness. 





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