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Youth Ministry

Vision for Youth at Wheeler Road

All youth at WRCC seek and develop a personal, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

WRCC Youth have a passion for saving souls and will use their relationships within the community to bring others to Christ.

Statement of Purpose and Philosophy

  1. We believe in order to have an effective family and youth ministry that we as a congregation must above all be sincerely and totally committed to the cause of Christ and each member to his own spiritual dedication and growth.
  2. We recognize and accept the premise that we are all working toward the same goals in the spirit of unity of purpose. It is our earnest desire that this church family be as successful as it can be in ministering to our families and our spiritual growth impact on the every possible way.
  3. We recognize that the church is always just one generation away from falling away from the Lord and, to avoid this, we must guide and assist our young people in making individual and sustainable life choices in Christ. We must teach them how to handle negative peer pressures, and how important it is for them to have a sustaining faith once they leave home. We must ground them in the Lord by developing in them a deep, personal and loving relationship with the Lord through Bible study and encouraging involvement with other members of the congregation. We must be role models for our youth and other young adults, setting a pattern for their future relationships as "Christ-like" examples for their friends and associates.
  4. We must provide nurturing support for our family units to arm them against a godless society, and to emphasize the importance of unity and healing within the "family", through the development of proper and godly relationships with the Lord and with each other.
  5. We must build the congregation into a closer community of God-serving people, dedicated to an unselfish love for one another, and for those outside the body. We must help our members develop an appreciation and respect for diversity and generational differences within the congregation, as well as an appreciation of the importance of commitment and involvement with the local church family. We must work to build a loving relationship between all segments of the family, e.g., families and singles, youth and seniors, etc. Respect and admiration for our older members is especially important. We must look for ways to use our older members in activities that will leave memories of meekness, service, sacrifice and pure hearts.

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