Pursue - Overtake - Recover

Ziklag was listed as one of the 29 towns in Negev assigned to the tribe of Simoen (Joshua 15:31; 19:5). It was apparently controlled by the Philistines during King Saul's rule, and was given to David by King Achish of Gath. David used the town as a home base for raids against various groups who threatened the southern borders of Judah (I Samuel 27). After being away one time, David returned to find it ransacked by the Amalekites.

David's response is a powerful story of reclaiming what was lost. Often in life we find ourselves in this situation. What is God's take on our situation? Some interesting principles in the text we'll examine on Sunday morning. To know God's attitude about our losses is valuable when we seek His direction on how to respond. Have you lost your Ziklag? God has three words for you. Come expecting a blessing!