God's Surprising Power Over My Fear

We're in week four of our series.  On Sunday we will look at a Harris Poll of what Americans are afraid of.  We are fearful creatures and a very fear-filled culture.  Each day we're reminded of the losses of terrorism, but did you know more people die each year from water than all the explosions of terrorism? After 911, travel in the airwaves decreased, but did you know fatalities from automobile accidents went up.  Why?  Simple.  We are 27 times more likely to die in a car accident than in an air disaster.  When passengers stopped flying and started riding, fatalities rose.  What does the Bible have to say about fear?  We'll study this on Sunday with a special look at Psalm 46.  Looking foward to our time in the Word and our worship.

God's Surprising Power Over My Hurt

We’re half-way through our study, God’s Surprising Power with this Sunday’s message, "Over My Hurt.” Imagine a world where everyone loved and cared, told no lies, a world where there was never any betrayal or dishonesty. We can only imagine that kind of world because truth is, we live in enemy territory where spirits are gashed daily. At some time we all get hurt.

This Sunday, Lord willing, we will be looking at Psalm 55. At some point in David’s tenure as king he was betrayed by a close friend. David was no weakling, but this crushed him. What can we learn from David’s hurt and his response? Take some time this week and read Psalm 55. Ask God to open your heart to the truths of this text. Invite a friend. Share a CD. God has surprising power for those who trust Him.

How People Will Remember You

Rubel Shelley
from "Fax of Life"
January 8, 2007

The death of Gerald R. Ford was not the lead story on the newscast I
happened to catch on the Sunday closest to the event. It came third,
behind reports of the death of a tyrant-murderer and a rock singer. In
retrospect, that seems appropriate to the “accidental president” who
got very little respect while in office and who was vilified
mercilessly for pardoning his predecessor.

I am no historian and do not propose to evaluate the brief time
President Ford served as our nation’s leader. I am not a political
commentator and have no thought of defending or attacking his pragmatic
approach to government. But his passing has made me aware of the things
people remember about one another.

What's Happening in Jan and Feb 2007

Secret Sisters
January 19

Secret Sisters kickoff for 2007 will be held on January 19.

Mark your calendar and watch for more details soon!

Youth Winter Retreat

February 9-11

The Youth Winter Retreat is scheduled for February 9-11 at Spring Hill.

Mark your calendars now for a great, fun weekend.

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