How to Approach a Holy God

On Sunday we'll take a look at Psalm 5 and How To Approach A Holy God. 

This psalm speaks about the character of God and man together. 

It provides details on our approach to God, a God who is deeply offended by our sins. 

David’s Prayer Journal is a helpful tool for all who desire to be led by the Shepherd. 





Health & Healing

We live in a sin sick world.  Physical illness is a result of man’s rebellion against God. 

When Jesus came, He focused on mending what was broken; hence the healings. 

This Sunday, Health & HealingWe will have a conversation about Jewish history concerning healing, and the community of faith in the first century. 

We will also address the question of when God does not heal. 

Hezekiah’s Healing

Praying for healing for our ourselves and others is a big part of our walk in Christ. 

The ministry of Jesus was filled with healings. 

The message of Gospel was merged with God’s concern with human bodies. 

Sunday’s message is about Hezekiah’s Healing, and how we should approach God when seriously ill.



Corinth And The Resurrection

The longest chapter in the epistles is Paul’s teaching on the Resurrection. 

The Corinthian Church had questions, and Paul addresses them in I Corinthians 15. 

This Sunday: Corinth And The Resurrection. 






Offensive Grace

Luke 4 records the event of Jesus speaking in His hometown congregation in Nazareth. 

His Scripture reading didn’t cause any concerns, but when He preached, He did so from an Old Testament text that was very offensive to them. 

This Sunday, Offensive Grace, a grace that seems vulgar to some. 

Jesus never returned to that congregation again.  


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