The Three Time Zones Of Life

Psalm 149 is a short and simple psalm, and yet it is a critical study because it reveals the three stages of life. 

Everyone is in one of these stages, and each stage has something to teach us. 

This Sunday, The Three Time Zones Of Life





Stop Grieving The Father And Start Loving The Son

How can we, when guilty of so much sin, enter into the blessing of God? 

This Sunday, we will address this question in the message, Stop Grieving The Father And Start Loving The Son, a message of hope and redemption. 







How’s Your Relationship With Yourself? II

Last Sunday we opened the discussion on How’s Your Relationship With Yourself? 

Unhealthy perspectives of self and others has a profound impact on all the major decisions in our lives. 

This Sunday, Part II, we will unpack how we build we healthier relationship with self that affects all other relationships. 





How’s your relationship with yourself?

How’s your relationship with yourself? 

This Sunday we will ask this question in search of what’s missing in personal wholeness. 

Our culture is big on relationships and weak on conflict resolution. 

What do the Scriptures teach and how do I get there?




Profiles Of Faith: Monica – The Mother Of Augustine

Often our best examples of faith are found in individuals who worked in the background orchestrating and inspiriting others. 

This is the case with the mother of St. Augustine. 

This Sunday in Profiles Of Faith:  Monica – The Mother Of Augustine, we will peer into the life of Monica, a mother who refused to give-up on a troubled son, and her efforts changed the world.    



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