Profiles In Faith: Hudson Taylor

Hebrews 13:7 reminds us that examining the lives of men and women of faith is something we must consider. 

In our Profiles Of Faith series we have been looking at some spiritual giants. 

This Sunday we will review the impact of Hudson Taylor, missionary to China.





5 Promises For Those Who Help The Weak

The Psalms are life-changing commentaries on the real world.  David experienced a wide range of emotions, and these psalms document them. 

Through David we are taught, edified, blessed, uplifted, and comforted by what he experienced. 

This Sunday, 5 Promises For Those Who Help The Weak (Psalm 41). 



Seeking God And Finding Answers

In many of David’s psalms, he’s running from an enemy.  Psalm 25 however is about David running from himself. 

He is drained emotionally because he realizes his pain is from his own choices. 

Psalm 25 helps us understand appropriate action when we’ve created our own heap of trouble. 

This Sunday, Seeking God And Finding Answers.


Worship or Not?

Not many generations ago, man believed the earth was the center of the universe.  All of the planets were thought to be in orbit of the earth. 

Now, of course, modern astronomy has shown this belief is in error.  Man wants to believe everything evolves around himself. We want to be at the center of what is happening. 

In spiritual terms, we like emphasizing what God can do for us, rather than dwelling on our duty toward Him. 

This Sunday our message will be Psalm 95 and the role of worship from God’s perspective. 



As I Survey The Wondrous Cross

This Sunday, July 17 is the birthday for the Father of English Hymnody. 

This Sunday’s message will be about the history behind the hymn, As I Survey The Wondrous Cross

It was, and is, a game changer.






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