Becoming A Missional Church: A Seminar with Dr. John Barton This Weekend

 God's people are called to be salt and light in a dark and broken world.  Sending missionaries addresses part of this call, but we are called to be missionaries right here at home, too. 

We need to be a people of “mission,” thus the concept of being missional.  What this means is being a people who have a heart for those around us and making God's Name known in our community.

Missional thinking calls for new ways of imagining and incorporating outreach and service to our world. 

This seminar with Dr. John Barton will explore these concepts.  Sessions are scheduled for 5:00 PM and 6:30 PM on Saturday night, and 9:30 AM and 10:30 AM on Sunday morning.

Everyone is invited. 

Part Of God's Family

 This Sunday, several of our members will share how their families have influenced their lives, and how God works through each of us to build His Kingdom.

Many times, we take our brothers and sisters, moms and dads, for granted, but the scriptures are full of examples of how our families are part of His family.

Join us Sunday and share your testmony.

Pet Peeves: Yours, Mine & God's

 The Today Show last month had a segment on personal “pet peeves.” They invited viewers to call in and email in habits that drove them crazy. I took the time to review the responses and wondered what our personal pet peeves would include.

Several weeks ago I sent out a mass email asking just that, and your response was overwhelming. This Sunday we will take a look at these in a message, Pet Peeves: Yours, Mine, & God's.

Our Father can be pushed close to the edge, too, and it would behoove us to know what His buttons are. It's a fun message that includes a very serious look at things that do more than irritate people.

Leaving Circles Of Comfort

 This Sunday we conclude our series on Walk Across The Room. If I were to summarize the series, I would say the key to evangelism is to be available to the Father to introduce His Son to others. To do this we must be open to leaving circles of comfort to extend friendship to outsiders.

Jesus did not mandate this without first modeling this truth. He left the ultimate circle of comfort to walk across timelessness to extend a hand of friendship to us. He was criticized and crucified for engaging sinners, and today we are the recipients of a lifestyle that reaches outward.

Decades from now, seekers will be lost or saved by our response today to the idea of “walking across the room.”

In Less Than A Minute

 In Bill Hybel's book, Just Walk Across The Room, he talks about his story and the illustration of a bridge. How do we bridge the gap between God's perfection and our sinfulness?

We'll develop this thought Sunday morning. How would you tell your story? Why are you a person of faith? Can you tell it in less than a minute?

What was your life before and now, after you became a person of faith. How has Christ changed your life?

Series Continues - "Living In 3-D"


Last week we took a quick peek at I Peter 3:13-16 and how it relates to evangelism. Some have asked for examples, and so this week, as we look at “Living In 3-D,” we will examine several examples of what it means to wait to be asked and then be ready with a response.

Hope your small group study is going well and is bringing out some helpful dialogue in our effort to “Walk Across The Room.”


New Series - "Just Walk Across the Room" Begins Sunday

 This Sunday we launch a series on Just Walk Across The Room, a look into how we introduce seekers to Jesus. My primary text will be I Peter 3:13-16 that speaks of setting apart Christ as Lord.

The task is not evangelism; it's making Jesus fully the Lord of our lives. Why do we struggle with this? I believe there are three reasons.

First, we are afraid that being evangelistic is getting too spiritual, and that being spiritual will cost us our stuff. We really do have a problem with our gods of comfort and convenience.

Second, we don't want to give up control of any aspect of our lives. “I want to call the shots, thank you!” “You know what I want to be when I grow up? God!” It's human nature to keep control.

Third, we don't want to appear weird. Present me as respectable, solid, and a “go-to guy.” If I get too serious about Jesus it will make me appear as a whacked-out freak.

I look forward to studying with you this Sunday morning. Sharing the heart of God is truly one of the great joys of this life!

Jesus does a DTR in Matthew 16

 While working out at the gym a few weeks ago, I overheard two young ladies talking, and one said she had to do a DTR. I thought it was some kind of test and didn't think too much of it until I heard it again in a different setting.

This Sunday I want to explore this DTR – a hip way of putting something of importance into perspective and how it affects us spiritually.

Whatever this DTR is, Jesus did it in Matthew 16:13-18. Good text to read to prepare for the lesson.

Also, beginning this Sunday night, our small groups will undertake the study, "Just Walk Across The Room." For more information about our small group Bible study, contact the church office at 989.835.8559.

Billboards & Getting The Word Out

   Recently I read some detailed marketing research on the churches and membership in Midland. Interesting reading, and perhaps a valuable tool when considering who's out there, and who's churched and unchurched.

My undergraduate work was in International Marketing. Understanding marketing plans and how they are integrated into an overall business model unfolds the background of success in a market-driven economy.

Can we learn from business models and marketing schemes. Absolutely. The church has a “product” or lifestyle we desire to make known. What's the best method? Should we do research? Might we formulate a plan?

This Sunday we will talk about Billboards & Getting The Word Out. This study will hopefully prepare us for the launching our upcoming Small Group study on Walking Across The Room, a study on personal evangelism. Prepare for this Sunday's message by reading Mark 8:27-38.


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