West Coast Churches: Laodicea

This week we look at the last of the 7 churches, Laodicea

The scary thing about this is it is the most representative of the American church today. 

This church had a room temperature faith that made Jesus sick. 

Laodicea reminds us that unless Jesus is encountered in the work and worship of the church, it cannot please our Lord. 




West Coast Churches: Philadelphia

This Sunday we will looking at the church at Philadelphia as we continue looking at the West Coach Churches

This church reminds us that in the least of the churches Jesus is right there in their midst. 

They were small and lacked the clout of the other churches, and yet her level of faithfulness got the attention of Jesus. 

Philadelphia proves you can’t have Jesus and not have His church. 



West Coast Churches: Sardis

This Sunday’s sermon is all about the church at Sardis (Revelation 3). 

Jesus performs an autopsy on a church that neither persecuted or had false doctrine, but nonetheless dying. 

As we look at this church, we will address the question, Why do churches die?” 






West Coast Churches: Thyatira

We continue our series on We Need A Revelation by examining the church at Thyatira

Whereas Ephesus had the doctrine down but lacked the love, Thyatira had the love but lacked the doctrine. 

We can engage the world without embracing her view of tolerance.  Jesus was extremely harsh with this church because His honor and their future were at stake.  




Ricardo Maia: Update on the Work in Brazil

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