How To Plead Your Case With God

This Sunday's study (April 22nd) is based on Psalm 143.  It seems like the psalmist is always in some kind of crisis.  He's persecuted, crushed, in death's darkness, and distressed.  He's thirsty for God, his spirit is failing, and he's hounded by enemies.  In the context of feeling so overwhelmed, how should David pray?  Psalm 143 provides some interesting insights.

Last Sunday we spoke of the importance of meditating on the acts of God.  David brings this up in this psalm (verse 5).  The psalmist uses memory of God's past acts to get present results.  Memory builds faith!  As David remembered God's personal intervention in his life, he's saying, "Do it again, Yahweh!"  

We can learn much from the ancients on the topic of prayer.  If we learn to pray like David, we can expect to receive answers like David did.  To get there, we need to reacquaint ourselves with a God who longs to hear our voices, and One who loves to welcome His children who humble themselves before Him.  

Take a look at Psalm 143 this week.  Come with expectation when we meet on the Lord's Day.