Happy Birthday, Church!


This Sunday (May 27th) is Pentecost Sunday.  It was on Pentecost Sunday (Acts 2) that the church was born.  I find it strange that we observe the birth of Christ which was not a holiday in the beginning, but don't observe the birth of the church which was a holiday all through the centuries following the first Christian Pentecost.

My message this Sunday, “Downsizing The Spirit” is a look at why there has been a de-emphasis on Pentecost and how this lack of attention has contributed to the “downsizing” of the Spirit in the modern church. 

The last thing we need today is to downsize the source of power to move the body of Christ ahead in a world similar to the world of the first century. 

We will examine the Promise of Pentecost and the Presence of Pentecost.  I suggest reading John 14 and Acts 2 in preparation.