God's Surprising Power Over My Failure

This will be the fifth and final installment in study series from Psalms.  We've talked about God's surprising power over my disappointment, confusion, hurt, and fear.  Failure seems to be the toughest because we usually bring this on ourselves.  

We will tell the story of a man who was held responsibile for a mistake that took nine lives and cost the government tens of millions of dollars.  It cost him his career, and nearly his sanity.  What was his turning point?  How did he find resolution to his failure?  What role did his faith and His God play?  We will look at his life through the lens of Psalm 13.  His testimony is powerful!  

Thank you for your response to this series.  If God can address our struggles with disappointment, confusion, hurt, fear, and failure, we can our way to a trust that produces amazing peace.

See you on Sunday!