A Father to Pharaoh

Moses, Daniel, Elijah, and Joseph had this in common:  They were all sent by Yahweh to unbelieving kings or leaders for His purpose.  Each went armed with two things:  A message and a miracle.  The miracle would confirm that the message was valid.We remember well the miracles of Moses, Daniel, and Elijah, but what miracle did Joseph perform before Pharaoh?  Moses, Daniel, and Elijah all did acts that defied nature that would get anyone's attention.  Not Joseph.  God used another wonder in penetrating the heart of this Egyptian king.  This coming Sunday, we will study what God employed that would alter the history of Egypt and Israel.  It's truly a remarkable story of Yahweh's wisdom that confounds the mightiest of rulers.  Genesis 41 will be our main text.  See ya, Sunday!