The Difference Between An ACT of Faith and An ACTIVE Faith - Part Five

We began and will end with Abraham, our Father of the faithful. Take a look again at Genesis 12:1-7. I'm intrigued with what's not in the text. What was the promise to Abraham? What part of the promise was for him personally? We'll discuss Abraham's response to Yahweh's promise to him. It was “to” him, but not so much “for” him.

Faith is about making decisions today that may not benefit us as much as they favor our children and their children. Sounds nice, but at what cost? How much of your lifestyle are you willing to sacrifice to make it better for future generations.

We'll also discuss Matthew 11:11 and the statement about the least in the kingdom are greater than John the Baptist. Why did Jesus say that?

While you're at it, take a walk through Hebrews 11 this week - “The Hall Of Fame Of The Faithful.” What's the common thread?

Looking forward to studying with you on Sunday!