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Audio from 2017 and before is available here: link

Title Sermon Date Speaker Audio File
The Assurance Of What We Hope For 07/26/2020 Loran Brown
The Houks Celebrate Lexi ! 07/19/2020 Jim Chilton
Word Pictures From Psalm 107 07/12/2020 Jim Chilton
Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort 07/05/2020 Duane Casteel
Helping The Hurting, III 06/28/2020 Jim Chilton
2 Dads, 2 Songs, 2 Words 06/21/2020 Jim Chilton
Helping The Hurting, II 06/14/2020 Jim Chilton
Through Different Eyes 06/07/2020 Jim Chilton
Helping The Hurting 05/31/2020 Jim Chilton
Isolated With Loneliness, II 05/24/2020 Jim Chilton


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