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Audio from 2017 and before is available here: link

Title Sermon Date Speaker Audio File
Yes, I Believe, IX 02/02/2020 Jim Chilton
Yes, I Believe, VIII 01/26/2020 Jim Chilton
Yes, I Believe, VII 01/19/2020 Jim Chilton
When Life Doesn't Make Sense 01/12/2020 Jim Chilton
Yes, I Believe VI 01/05/2020 Jim Chilton
Bethlehem & Christmas 12/22/2019 Jim Chilton
Jerusalem & Christmas 12/15/2019 Jim Chilton
Nazareth & Christmas 12/08/2019 Jim Chilton
Yes, I Believe, V 11/24/2019 Jim Chilton
Behold, I Thought 11/17/2019 Glen Erickson


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