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Sermon Audio

Audio from 2017 and before is available here: link

Title Sermon Date Speaker
What Did Jesus See? What Do You See? 03/13/2022 David Fleer
Standing With Jonah in Great Distress 03/06/2022 David Fleer
Serving Jesus 02/27/2022 David Fleer
Little Things 02/20/2022 Bill Thena
How Do You Believe in Jesus, After the Storm? 02/13/2022 David Fleer
Reality of New Orientation 02/06/2022 David Fleer
In the Courtroom with Micah 01/30/2022 David Fleer
Turn Up the Heat 01/23/2022 Bill Thena
The Trouble with Grace 01/16/2022 David Fleer
Wisdom for '22: Fellowship, Love & Forgiveness 01/09/2022 David Fleer


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