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Audio from 2017 and before is available here: link

Title Sermon Date Speaker Audio File
Base Camp Security 12/03/2017 Jim Chilton
When We Walk The Path Of Sorrows II 11/26/2017 Jim Chilton
The Five Daughters of Zelophehad 11/19/2017 Glen Erickson
When We Walk In the Path Of Sorrow 11/12/2017 Jim Chilton
Our Response To What God Is Doing 11/05/2017 Jim Chilton
What's God Doing? 10/29/2017 Jim Chilton
Are You Ready To Meet God? 10/22/2017 Jim Chilton
Contentment Crisis IV: The Final Word 10/15/2017 Jim Chilton
Contentment Crisis: Learning To Develop It 10/08/2017 Jim Chilton
Installation Of New Elders 10/01/2017 Jim Chilton


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