Crucifixion Characters: Joseph Caiaphas-04.09.17 by Jim Chilton

30:46 minutes (35.22 MB)

Crucifixion Characters: Herod Antipas- 04.02.17 by Jim Chilton

23:28 minutes (26.87 MB)

Crucifixion Characters: Pilate-03.26.17 by Jim Chilton

23:12 minutes (26.56 MB)

A Man & His Donkey- 3.19.17 by Adam Joseph

24:16 minutes (27.78 MB)

Gehazi-03.12.17 by Glen Erickson

22:10 minutes (25.36 MB)

Namaan: An Enemy Develops Faith-03.05.17 by Glen Erickson

25:49 minutes (29.55 MB)

Decisive Disciplined Daniel V- 02.19.17 by Jim Chilton

21:01 minutes (24.06 MB)

Decisive Disciplined Daniel IV- 02.12.17 by Jim Chilton

21:48 minutes (24.95 MB)

Decisive Disciplined Daniel III- 02.05.17 by Jim Chilton

25:43 minutes (29.43 MB)

Hymn Stories: Robert Lowry- 01.29.17 by Jim Chilton

27:18 minutes (31.24 MB)

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