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Audio from 2017 and before is available here: link

Title Sermon Date Speaker Audio File
Philippians I 11/28/2021 Bill Thena
Introduction to Philippians 11/21/2021 Bill Thena
Transitions 11/14/2021 Doug Peters
Change 11/07/2021 Bill Thena
Here's The Deal 10/24/2021 Jim Chilton
How To Quit Quitting 10/17/2021 Jim Chilton
Above/Below The Water-Line Living 10/10/2021 Jim Chilton
A Letter From God 10/03/2021 Jim Chilton
Inviting Jesus To Intervene 09/26/2021 Jim Chilton
Why 72 Messengers? 09/19/2021 Jim Chilton


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