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Sermon Audio

Audio from 2017 and before is available here: link

Title Sermon Date Speaker
Clay 07/10/2022 Bill Thena
Highlights from the Epistle of Paul to the Romans 07/03/2022 Loran Brown
"I Am Sorry" What Does an Apology Look Like? 06/26/2022 David Fleer
From Freed to Freedom 06/19/2022 Bill Thena
A Disciple? 06/12/2022 Glen Erickson
God Given Sobriquet? 06/05/2022 Bill Thena
Why Do You Come to Church? 05/29/2022 David Fleer
The Remarkable Story of the Ethiopian Eunuch 05/22/2022 David Fleer
Love One Another 05/08/2022 Glen Erickson
The One Person Every Community Desires & Every Church Needs 05/01/2022 David Fleer


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