Adult class on Ecclesiastes 4 at 9:30 & a new series on 'Objects Of Faith' at 10:30

This Sunday's Adult Class will examine Ecclesiastes 4. There are four places Solomon wants us to visit: the courtroom, the marketplace, the highway, and his palace. Solomon is concerned with the injustice that goes on in these places. He is careful in stating that there are on answers to these places of oppression, but we can survive them! He will also share with us the four things that derail meaningful relationships.

This Sunday at 10:30, we will look at “Objects Of Faith” – things that can help us develop a working knowledge of the gospel for when those times arise to share our faith. Everyday we notice objects that are important, but do not understand how they work. For example, just about everybody has at least fire extinguisher in his/her house and at work. What if there is a fire? Would you know how to grab the extinguisher and use it? There are many objects we see in our daily routines that might become critical for our use. Recognizing something and having a working knowledge of something are worlds apart.