Our Last Move

 In our third installment of Our Last Movewe will get into some Glimpses of our final home.  Jesus promised (John 14:1-4) that He would personally be involved in our eternal residence.  Jesus also promised a restoration of everything (Acts 3:21), so receiving glimpses can be helpful for the physical part of our journey. 

Our Last Move

This Sunday, our second installment of Our Last Move, Our Perception Of Heaven.  Our study will provide the background to why we believe what we believe about heaven.  Paul made it clear that God has revealed what our perception must be about our final home.

Our Last Move

 In my 70 years, I have moved 24 times in 5 different states.  I have lived in my present location for 15 years.  This Sunday, a series on Our Last Move.  The New Testament provides glimpses of our last move.  If we are ineffective in this world, it is because we have stopped thinking about the world to come.  

Themes And Traditions II

Last week, we studied four of the seven major Christian groups – themes and traditions.  This Sunday, in our second part, we will examine the remaining three major Christian groups.  What can we learn from each tradition, and what can we agree upon?

Themes And Traditions

For the next two weeks, we will have a conversation about Themes And Traditions.  First century Judaism was divided into five major religious sects.  Likewise, modern Christendom is divided into seven major religious sects.  How did Jesus address the sects of His day, and what can we learn about us as observe our differences?

The Perfect Christmas Gift

2,000 years ago the world received a gift straight from God.  The giving of this gift God settled the issue of how He feels about humanity once for all.  This Sunday, The Perfect Christmas Gift.  There is nothing you will receive on Christmas morning that comes close to the gift of Jesus Christ.

Rooting Ourselves In The Christmas Story

 There are two versions of Christmas; the secular one and the Scriptural one.  The first is a fun version, but it won’t provide what we need throughout the year.  The second one, however reminds us why Jesus came, and that story lives with us all year long.  This Sunday, Rooting Ourselves In The Christmas Storya celebration of His coming and coming again.


Embracing God's Interruptions

 Whether we live structured or scattered lives, we hate interruptions.  The story of Christ’s birth reminds us of how His story begins with a divine interruption into the life of Mary.  She was engaged and had to restructure her life completely to follow the Lord’s command.  This Sunday, Embracing God’s Interruptions.  


What Neb's Dream Teaches Us

In 1975 Gary Wright wrote and performed a popular song, Dream Weaver.  He was inspired by a poem entitled God, God, God, a poem about how God can carry us through the night via dreams.  This Sunday, our installment in this series, What Neb’s Dream Teaches Usa message about a Babylonian king who had a dream that changed his life.  There’s a powerful message in Daniel 4 for us today.



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