Dealing With Down III

In our third and final installment of Dealing With Down, we will examine the three critical factors in addressing depression, and the questions we must address in making personal assessments. 

We will also study the topic through the lens of Psalm 13.








Dealing With Down II

The psalms are deeply profitable for all seasons of life, especially in those seasons when life doesn’t make sense. 

The psalms are honest, raw, and helpful in our processing of emotional wounds. 

This Sunday, installment two on Dealing With Down. 





Dealing With Down

Many health care professionals call it the number one health crisis in America – depression. 

Twenty to for forty million Americans suffer from this disorder. 

Depression accompanies cancer, heart disease, and chronic pain. 

Our fair state of Michigan ranks #4 in the country for depression cases. 

Does the Bible have any hope or light on addressing this culprit of anxiety? 

You bet it does! 

This Sunday we begin a mini series, Dealing With Down, a look at this disorder through the eyes of Scripture.

Encounters With Jesus - Processing Forgiveness

If there is an area that challenges the believer, it is in the area of forgiving unfair hurts. 

When we have been wounded it is not easy to move on. 

This Sunday, we continue with our Enounters With Jesus series, focusing on Processing Forgiveness providing examples and a process to help us move in a direction that brings peace.




Encounters With Jesus - Mary & Martha

One of the big challenges of living the Christian life is knowing the difference between the good and the best.

In our Encounters With Jesus - Mary & Martha, we will visit two women in Luke 10 who will demonstrate this dilemma with us, and an answer that causes us to rethink our priorities.















Do We Have A Passion Problem?

Many today point to the different denominations as proof we have an unresolved doctrinal problem. 

The truth is deeper than that.  It’s not about theology that is dividing us. 

It is about our passion or lack of passion for Christ. 

When unity escapes us it is a failure to apply Scriptural principles to our lives. 

This Sunday, Do We Have A Passion Problem? 

We will look at where passion comes from and how to get it back.  



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