Sizing Up Jesus

August 20, 2018

 Every day we size-up people.  Physiologists tell us that we make about eleven decisions about a person in less than a minute.  Throughout the Gospels, numerous people had an opportunity to size-up Jesus.  This Sunday, Sizing-Up Jesus.  We focus on the seven different encounters found in Luke 7.

For Better Or Worse, V

August 13, 2018

In our last lesson in this series on For Better Or Worsewe will look at the process of decision-making when a couple become stuck.  God’s Word has a word on this, and the result of honoring His Word is real agape love.

For Better Or Worse, IV

August 5, 2018

Genesis 24 provides a wonderful template for finding a marriage partner.  This Sunday, Part IV of For Better Or Worse.  We will examine a passage that reveals the mind and heart of God regarding selecting a marriage partner. 

For Better Or Worse, III

July 30, 2018

 When marriages fall apart, it is usually not the result of a bizarre event.  In most cases, marriages fail because there had been a slow leak that went unattended.  In our third installment of For Better Or Worsewe will have a conversation about Covenant Companionship.


For Better Or Worse, III

July 23, 2018

In our second installment of For Better Or Worsewe will focus on Avoiding Marital Failure.  We live in a time when many have no problem walking away from vows made to God.  I even hear some speak of starter marriages.  We will look at the main reasons for failure and our need for God’s Word.