Health & Healing

We live in a sin sick world.  Physical illness is a result of man’s rebellion against God. 

When Jesus came, He focused on mending what was broken; hence the healings. 

This Sunday, Health & HealingWe will have a conversation about Jewish history concerning healing, and the community of faith in the first century. 

We will also address the question of when God does not heal. 

Hezekiah’s Healing

Praying for healing for our ourselves and others is a big part of our walk in Christ. 

The ministry of Jesus was filled with healings. 

The message of Gospel was merged with God’s concern with human bodies. 

Sunday’s message is about Hezekiah’s Healing, and how we should approach God when seriously ill.



Offensive Grace

Luke 4 records the event of Jesus speaking in His hometown congregation in Nazareth. 

His Scripture reading didn’t cause any concerns, but when He preached, He did so from an Old Testament text that was very offensive to them. 

This Sunday, Offensive Grace, a grace that seems vulgar to some. 

Jesus never returned to that congregation again.  


Why We Sin

This week’s message is entitled, Why We Sin

It has always troubled me that men and women who know the Scriptures well could sin in a major way. 

How could one know that much about God and be so lured by what offends God? 

This Sunday we will look at the principle reason we sin with clues from the prophets and Jesus Himself. 




One Final Glimpse

We conclude our We Need A Revelation series this Sunday. 

This lesson is not only about the last words of the last book of the Bible, it is about the last inspired words from God. 

What is the one thought our Father wants us to carry as He ends His story? 

One Final Glimpse offers a clue of what should be our focus.



1000 Years

This week’s lesson, 1000 Years covers perhaps the most controversial part of the New Testament:  The Thousand Year Reign of Christ. 

We will look at the major views and see how this part of the Revelation of Jesus Christ fits the context of the Seven Churches and our lives today.  





The Humbled Harlot

The Humbled Harlot is the subject of Revelation 17 and 18. 

Jesus tells us that everything about Rome was superficial. 

Rome was in love with affluence and extravagance. 

Her greatest sin however was her arrogance. 

These two chapters speak of her judgment, a judgment that brings rejoicing in heaven. 



God's Wrath - Our Warning

Revelation 15 and 16 sounds extremely disturbing to us, but it brought rejoicing in heaven and hope to suffering Christians in Asia Minor. 

When it comes to evil our God is no pacifist. 

He intends to bring an end to evil, and these chapters provide some details of His  plan. 

These two chapters contain the 7 Bowls of God’s Wrath, and a reminder that we must give serious thought to our own deliverance.

The Doom Of The Dragon

One of the purposes of Revelation is to give followers of Jesus a new dimension of spiritual vision. 

We know there is another dimension, but we know it by faith.  

Revelation provides a glimpse into this dimension, the other reality. 

This week’s message is The Doom Of The Dragon (Revelation 12-14). 

The Dragon is going down and John allows us a look at how this goes down. 



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