Is God Moving You In A New Direction?

October 8, 2018

 In life there are numerous interruptions in our plans.  We desire wisdom to ascertain whether or not it is of God or the evil one impeding our plans.  This Sunday, Is God Moving You In A New Direction?  We will review the three ways God works to move us in a new direction.  


Box Theology, III

September 17, 2018

In this final installment of Box Theologywe ask, “Why is this story in here?”  God allows calamity to visit His people for one critical reason.  The costly error of believing God’s Word was boring was destroying the heart of Israel.

Box Theology, II

September 10, 2018

 Israel loses a battle with the Philistines, losing some 4,000 soldiers.  They believe that bringing the Ark into battle will surely turn the tide.  The result: the loss of 30,000 more soldiers.  In this second installment of Box Theology, we will explore why Israel had the wrong view of the Ark, and how this attitude profoundly affects our walk with God today.

Box Theology

September 4, 2018

 400 years after the Exodus, Israel was spiritually stuck.  They had difficulty connecting the holiness of God with their daily lives.  They had the Ark of the Covenant as a reminder of God’s presence, but they treated it like a good luck charm.  This Sunday, we start a series entitled, Box Theology, a study on the importance of God’s Word and His glory.

After God's Own Heart?

August 27, 2018

  Some are confused by Acts 13:22 and I Samuel 13:13-14 that says David was a man after God’s own heart.  How could the Holy Spirit provide this commentary on a man who did horrible sin?  This Sunday, After God’s Own Heart?  We will address why this said of David in the face of his many transgressions.