Encounters With Jesus: The Wise Men

We see the words often:  Wise Men Still Seek Him, and it a prudent individual who gets this.

Nonetheless, there’s a bigger truth:  He sought us out first! 

This Sunday, The Wise Men have an encounter with Jesus. 

They travel a great distance to worship our Savior. 

The principles from Matthew 2 deeply enrich our journey to and with Jesus.


Encounters With Jesus: Simeon & Anna

Two very surprising encounters this Sunday with Simeon & Anna. 

They were ordinary people God chose to include in early life of Jesus. 

Simeon had a secret, and Anna was in the right place at the right time to be a part of the secret. 

There is no limit what God can do when ordinary people are single-minded in things of the Kingdom.








Encounters With Jesus: The Shepherds

This Sunday the first Encounter with Jesus following His birth.  God surprises us with His choice. 

Not the mighty king, Herod who ruled over Palestine. 

Nor the influential High Priest from the religious headquarters at the Temple. 

God chose minimum wage, uneducated outcasts who were definitely not connected.  Why? 

God wanted to show that no one is unimportant in His Kingdom. 

This Sunday, The Shepherds.

Encounters With Jesus: Two No Shows

In our Encounters With Jesus series we have met people from all walks of life who had encounters with the Master. 

This Sunday we will talk about Two No Shows, individuals who should have had encounters with Jesus but just didn’t show up. 

They unwittingly became a part of the Christmas story. 


Encounters With Jesus: The Woman Who Touched Jesus’ Garment

One of the strangest healings in the Gospels is the woman who touched the garment of Jesus’ garment. 

This Sunday we continue our study in Encounters With Jesus

A desperate woman took an enormous risk in clinging to the cloak of the Savior. 

As we study this story in Mark 5, we ask, “Why is this in here?” And, “What’s in here for me?”








Encounters With Jesus: John The Baptist

When John The Baptist encountered Jesus, the whole issue of repentance in the plan of salvation became center stage. 

This Sunday in our Encountering Jesus series we will address why the people had to go to John in the wilderness for baptism rather than make it convenient for them in town. 

John is a reminder of the role of repentance in our walk with Christ.






Encounters With Jesus: The Rich Man & Lazarus

Most people reading Luke 16 about the Rich Man & Lazarus assume the text is about heaven and hell. 

As we continue our series Encounters With Jesus, we will deal with a text that points the reader in an entirely different direction.

Jesus wasn’t talking about eternity as much as He was teaching about a present reality.
















Encounters With Jesus - The Centurion

Luke 7 tells the story of an outsider who was deeply respected by the people of God. 

When the Roman centurion needed help from the Lord, the Jews made an appeal on his behalf.  

Serving others finds dividends, and in this case, a miracle as we continue our series, Encounters With Jesus - The Centurion.















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