Psalms and Songs

April 16, 2008

 Many have observed that David expressed thoughts and feelings in the Book of Psalms that we all have, and in a way that we cannot. Sunday, several of our members will read Psalms that are particularly special to them, as we share communion and prayer together.

Join us!

Template For Trials Epilog

April 7, 2008

 This Sunday will be an epilog of last Sunday's message Template For Trials. Jehoshaphat response to his crisis provided for us a template that we can lay over whatever foes we encounter today.

In fact this morning (Monday), I did just that about a struggle that I'm having. Whenever I preach a message I write notes following the presentation to file with the message. The thought came to me that there are things we lose sight of when we're facing a battle.

This Sunday I want to bring these hindrances in the open to disarm. There are three things we must never lose sight of in or out of a conflict. Sunday, we'll talk.

Template For Trials

April 1, 2008

 This Sunday an old-fashioned message about an Old Testament king, Jehoshaphat. Jehoshaphat was a descendant of Solomon, and king of the southern kingdom of Judah.

He wakes up one day and finds himself in a world of hurt. His problem, however, affected his entire nation. What would he do? Where did he get help?

Romans 15:4 reminds us that the stories of the Old Testament were written to produce hope in us. There would be times when hopelessness would rule the day, but God has an answer. What God did for Judah and Jehoshaphat lives in the hearts of believers everywhere. God has preserved this story so we might have a Template For Trials.

Want a jump on the study? Read II Chronicles 20.

The Real War

March 25, 2008

 Recently, I have done a new study on Psalm 23. It has always amazed me that David was in this “valley of the shadow of death” but he talks about having a meal with Yahweh. He's walking into battle, and yet he's upbeat and looks forward to a promising future.

This coming Sunday we will examine this text and I John 4:17-21 and talk about the role of fear and love in our lives.

Because He Lives!

March 19, 2008

 In my ministry, I am involved in peoples' lives during their highs and lows.  I'm there, like this past week, when a baby is born and there is so much joy and hope for a brighter future.  I'm also there when there's the suffering of a loss brought by death. 

The lowest I see people is when they lose a loved one  without the hope of the resurrection.  It is difficult to bring comfort where there is no faith.  To see the emptiness in the eyes of these sufferers is hard to bear and even harder to experience if outside of Christ. 

Easter Sunday, we will celebrate the theme, “Because He Lives!”  This is the key Christian doctrine that impacts every aspect of our lives.  This one truth kept the early church going through almost impossible times.  This one truth can keep our focus and our faith in a place of victory!