Fine Tuning Our Prayer Life

May 20, 2008

 Mark 9 tells the story of how the disciples failed to exorcize a demon from a man's son. The disciples were saying and doing the right things; but without the desired results.

They had the authority to heal and drive out demons, and yet this time there was failure. Why is it that some prayers seem to get no answers? In story, Jesus will be addressing what to do when close to a breakthrough.

What do we need to know about prayer that will help us get to the next level?

Family Time

May 14, 2008

 This Sunday, you're invited to join us as we meet together to build up our family. Encouragement, recognition and spiritual renewal are our themes so bring your family, and enjoy some time with a caring family who believes God has already won the war and that the Spirit will carry us through this life. And depending on the weather, we'll cap off the day with some food and fellowship at a picnic.

See you Sunday!

It's Mother's Day

May 7, 2008

 Since this Sunday is Mother's Day, we will be honoring our moms and families as a part of our morning worship services. God tells us many times in His scriptures the importance of families and His love for all of us.

Come join us this week as we praise God and honor our moms.

What I Believe - Part Two

April 29, 2008

 This Sunday will be part two of What I Believe.  One's faith is anchored by core values – truths that keep us focused on the prize – truths that serve as mile posts in our journey.  Last Sunday we examined core values from God's perspective – what He offers for us to embrace. 

This Sunday we will examine core values from our perspective – our response to God's story of grace.  Any long journey produces insight that illuminates the path. 

These lights that come on not only assist us, they show those who follow us the way “home.”

What I Believe: What I Told A Young Preacher

April 23, 2008

 This past Sunday I was in Pennsylvania visiting a congregation I served in past years. My objective was to conduct a gospel meeting and to work with a new minister just entering the ministry. For weeks I have gathered materials to take to share in our sessions together. There have been emails with questions, asking for counsel on several issues.

As I was preparing for the trip I was thinking it would be beneficial for Keith Newell to examine a list of core beliefs I have developed after three decades of ministry and personal study. This Sunday's message will be part one of what I offered to the young preacher.

Do you have a core set of beliefs that anchor your faith?

This session together may be of benefit to you. There are things one learns in ministry, and then there's truths or principles one observes as he/she studies over a long period of time. Your feedback is always welcomed.